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The First Year at MIT

First Year Academics: First-Year Grading Policies

The information provided below explains how freshmen are graded at MIT, along with policies associated with the use and release of fall term internal "hidden" grades.

Special Features of First-Year Grading

Freshmen are graded differently from upperclassmen. As well, your grades are also reported differently within MIT as well as on your outside official transcript. These policies are intended to help you adjust to MIT's teaching and grading methods and the increased workload without having to worry about accumulating a grade point average (GPA).

In your first semester and Independent Activities Period, you will receive grades of Pass or No Record:

In your second semester, you will receive "A", "B", or "C" grades.

Beginning in sophomore year, "A" through "F" grades will be reported, with "D" considered a passing grade. See the Registrar's site for complete grading information.

Official versus Unofficial Grades

At the end of your first term at MIT you will receive both your official Pass/No Record grades and a copy of your unofficial "hidden" grades. You cannot use your hidden grades for any purpose other than advising.

Policy on Release of Freshman Internal Grades

MIT's educational policy is to provide internal "hidden" grades to students for educational and advising purposes only. In almost all circumstances, hidden grades will stay hidden and not included on an external transcript. MIT will not communicate your internal grades to your parents or any other third party outside of MIT without your specific written permission. See Student Information Policy for complete information.

Use of Fall Term Hidden Grades

Sometimes freshmen need to provide a transcript with grades when applying for scholarships or internships. Since MIT does not release letter grades for freshmen, here is what you can do to provide transcript information in these situations:

If you are applying for a scholarship or internship that requires you to submit a transcript:

If you are applying for a scholarship or internship that requires you to submit actual grades:

If the scholarship absolutely requires your internal (hidden) grades, do the following:

If you have any questions about the end of term, please contact staff in the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming, 7-104.