Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Class of 2018
The First Year at MIT

Freshman Advising

There are two main options from which to select:

  1. Advising that involves credit (e.g. freshman advising seminars and some learning communities) OR
  2. Advising that offers no credit (traditional advising and some learning communities).

All students applied for their preferred advising option online between June 1 and 15. These options are available regardless of whether you will be living in a residence based advising (RBA) dorm.

Deciding on which option is better for you depends on how you plan to "spend" the 54 units of academic credit you are limited to as a first-term freshman (e.g. 4 full, 12-unit subjects and an additional 6 units that you may or may not choose to use).

The deadline for submitting your on-line Freshman Advising application was Sunday, June 15. I f you did not apply by this date, we MUST hear from you about your freshman advising preference.