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The First Year at MIT

Advising: Types of Freshman Advising

Every MIT student has an advisor. There are two types of freshman advising: 1) Advising that involves credit (e.g. freshman advising seminars and some learning communities) and 2) Advising that offers no credit (traditional advising and some learning communities). These advising options are listed below for reference.

Freshman Advising Seminars (FAS)

Freshman Advising Seminars (FASes) are a special academic classes that combine advising and learning. Seminar leaders not only teach the 6-unit seminar, but also serve as the freshman advisor for students within the seminar. This unique combination means that students and advisors get to know each other very well as people, not just as students and teachers.

Traditional Advising

Traditional Advising is distinct from Seminar-based advising because no academic credit is awarded for participating in a weekly seminar. The quality of advising and the role of the advisor for both is the same.

Learning Communities

The first-year Learning Communities (Concourse, Terrascope, ESG, and MAS), all offer advising through either the seminar or traditional advising models.

NOTE: Students are expected to remain committed and enrolled/participating in the seminar/community to which they are assigned for the entire fall semester. These groups are "teams" just like a varsity team, so dropping out affects the quality of the experience for your fellow advisees and advisor just as it would teammates or a coach.

If you have questions about or want to discuss advising, please write to: or call 617-253-6771.