Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2018
The First Year at MIT

Freshman Advising: Advising Roles

Every freshman at MIT is assigned to an advising group made up of a freshman advisor, an associate advisor and 4-6 freshman advisees (larger numbers in advising seminars and other settings). The role that each plays in the advising group is an important one.

What You Can Expect from Your Freshman Advisor

Your advisor will be assigned to you over the summer. This faculty or staff member will focus on academics and also be concerned about all aspects of your development through your first year at MIT. Your advisor will:

What Your Advisor Will Expect from You

You, as much as your advisor, are responsible for maintaining the advising relationship. You are expected to:

What Your Associate Advisor Can Do for You

Your associate advisor, a trained upper-level student, will be assigned to you over the summer. S/he will work with your advisor to give you support through your first year at MIT. Associate advisors live in every dorm on campus and can serve as an in-house resource for you. Your associate advisor will: