Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Class of 2018
The First Year at MIT

First-Year Academics: Majors and Minors

At MIT, freshmen enter undeclared and most choose a major at the end of the second semester. Choosing a major is an important decision and is not necessarily the same as choosing a career, but for many students, their undergraduate major choice leads directly to a specific field and/or career. MIT is an interdisciplinary institution with a wealth of ongoing cross-departmental research.

Don't feel that you need to plan out all of your four years at MIT before you arrive. Use your first year to explore the opportunities available to you and the departments that you may find of interest. The first year is full of exciting programs and events designed to help you identify your interests and explore the possibilities. If you try to rush through the curriculum or tackle too many advanced courses, you'll be missing out on many of the unique experiences that await you.

Exploring the majors information will become available from this site later in Fall 2014.