Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2018
The First Year at MIT

First-Year Academics: Biology

You need to complete one introductory biology subject to fulfill the Biology GIR. There are several versions of 7.01X; any version will complete the Biology requirement:

All three classes cover the same core material, which includes the fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology; the differences lie in their approaches to the subject matter.

For more information on the material covered in each version, visit the 7.01x web page and the MIT Subject Listing and Schedule.

View the Core Blitz Video: Prof. Hazel Sive Presentation

No Outside Credit for 7.01x

Note that MIT does not offer outside credit for Biology. The only way to fulfill the Biology GIR other than taking one of the MIT subjects is by taking and passing the Biology Advanced Standing Exam offered during Orientation.

Chemistry Preparation for Biology.

You will need some chemistry background to be successful in 7.01x. Before enrolling in one of the Biology classes, you should either have a strong high school chemistry background (e.g., score of 5 on AP Chemistry), or you should complete one of the MIT core chemistry subjects (5.111, or 5.112 or 3.091) before enrolling in Introductory Biology.

When Should You Complete the Biology Requirement?