Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2018
The First Year at MIT

First-Year Academics: Communication Requirement

In order to graduate, you must complete four Communication Intensive subjects:

The Communication Requirement is paced: you must pass one appropriate CI-H subject during your freshman year, Fall or Spring.

In this section, we focus on your first-year requirement:

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FEE Results and Your CI-H Choice

The result of the Freshman Essay Evaluation (FEE) determines which type of CI-H subject you may take to fulfill the freshman Communication Requirement. Depending on your score, you will either be required to take a Writing Subject (CI-HW) or may take any Communication Intensive HASS subject (CI-H or CI-HW).

Planning Out Your Communication Requirement

Important Note about Early Sophomore Standing

In order to be eligible for early sophomore standing, you must complete an appropriate CI subject during the Fall Term of your freshman year. Otherwise, even if you have sufficient credit, you will not be eligible for early sophomore standing for the Spring.

For More Information

See the Communication Requirement website for more information, including the requirement beyond your freshman year. Send questions to