Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyClass of 2018
The First Year at MIT

Credit for Previous Study - International Examination Credit

Several academic departments have established policies on MIT credit for high scores in some international examinations. No validation or other testing is required in order to receive this credit. Pages in this section give details on credit and reporting processes for: A-Levels, the Cambridge Pre-U, the International Baccalaureate (Higher Level only), the French Baccaluréat, and the Abitur. For exams not listed here, consult Advanced Placement staff in UAAP for help in contacting appropriate academic departments.

No credit is given for scores on Biology, Chemistry, or Computer Science exams. You may earn credit in Biology or Chemistry by passing an MIT Advanced Standing Exam (ASE) during Orientation. If you do not take the ASE you may register for a more advanced version of the Biology or Chemistry GIR subjects. Computer Science does not offer ASEs.

These policies are specific to the Class of 2018, and are subject to change for subsequent entering classes.

Repeating a Subject

Some students who receive international exam credit for Calculus I (18.01) or Physics I (8.01) register for a version of the same subject at MIT for review or enrichment. If you decide to do this, note the following:

For More Information

Address questions not answered here regarding MIT's policies and procedures on credit for international exam scores to or 617-253-4164.

For information about the use of international exam scores in Admission decisions, please visit the MIT Admissions website. UAAP cannot answer questions about qualifications for admission to MIT.