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First-Year Academics: Science Core Subjects - Chemistry

AP Credit is not accepted for the Chemistry GIR. Credit for the Chemistry GIR may only be obtained in one of the following ways:

  1. Transfer credit: Results of any credit evaluated over the summer should be posted on the student’s online Freshman Advising Folder by Monday, August 26. Transfer credit is rarely granted.
  2. Taking and passing the Chemistry Advanced Standing Exam during Orientation week. Results will be posted on the student’s online Freshman Advising Folder by Thursday, August 29.
  3. Taking and passing one of the following Chemistry subjects:

See the Class of 2018 site for complete descriptions of the Chemistry options.

Freshman Advising notes:

Both the Department of Chemistry (Course 5) and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (Course 3) offer versions of the Chemistry GIR. Any one of the three subjects -- 5.111, 5.112 or 3.091 -- fulfill MIT’s Chemistry requirement and can be used as preparation for any major. There are no firm guidelines about which subject is better for a particular department, but here are suggestions.

Important chemistry sequencing information for potential pre-medical students:

Pre-med freshmen are better served by taking 5.111 or 3.091 in first term, then 5.12 (Organic Chemistry) in spring term. The follow-on subject 5.13 (Inorganic Chemistry) is only offered in Fall semester.