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The First Year at MIT

First-Year Academics: Science Core Subjects - Physics

The Physics GIR is fullfilled in one of the following ways:

  1. Advanced Placement or Advanced Standing Credit for 8.01: Receiving scores of 5 on both Parts 1 and 2 of the Physics C Advanced Placement. Students with AP credit for 8.01 should consider enrolling in 8.012, rather than 8.02. Students with credit for 8.01 who elect to take 8.012 receive 6 units of elective credit.
  2. Passing the MIT Advanced Standing Exam during Orientation (result will be posted in the student’s online Freshman Advising Folder).
  3. Taking one of the versions of Physics 1 and 2.

Versions of Physics I (Introduction Classical Mechanics): 8.01, 8.01L, 8.012

Which version of Physics I should your advisee take? This depends on the student’s background and preparation, as well as his/her score on the Math Diagnostic for Physics Placement. The Math Diagnostic for Physics Placement is a paper/pencil diagnostic tool given during Orientation week to evaluate each student’s high school math preparation. Facility in high school math is strongly correlated with success in Physics I. Students solve problems in Algebra, Geometry, Logarithms and Exponentials, Trigonometry and elementary Calculus.

The student does not "pass" or "fail" this diagnostic. Math Dx results are meant to help you and the student make an appropriate placement choice into first-term physics. Student will be recommended for placement in a specific version of Physics I -- 8.01L, 8.01, or 8.012 -- based on the Math Dx score.

Math Dx results will be posted in the on-line Advisor Folder by Wednesday, August 28, with an appropriate recommendation for Physics I.

You and your advisee should pay particular attention to the "Comments and Advice" section.

Versions of Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)