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Advising Right Now: End of Term CAP Meetings

The Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) is a faculty committee that concerns itself with, among other issues, the progress of undergraduates. At the end of each term the CAP, in conjunction with academic departments, reviews the records of undergraduate students who are not doing well academically. The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming is the academic department for freshmen.

There are two sets of CAP meetings at the end of term:

  1. Tuesday, May 31—Freshman Grades Meeting: Elizabeth Young, Associate Dean, Advising & New Student Programming, represents the freshman class at this meeting. UAAP will bring forward recommendations for any CAP action for flagged freshmen (passed 3 full subjects or fewer). Advisors do not attend the Grades meeting. At this meeting, the CAP may vote:
    • to take No Action,
    • to issue an Academic Warning (warning letter or academic probation), or
    • to consider Required Withdrawal. Any potential Required Withdrawal case will be deferred until the Deferred Action meetings on June 8 or 9.
    • See the End of Term Academic Review: Decisions page of the CAP website for complete details.
  2. Wednesday-Thursday, June 8 or 9—Deferred Action Meetings: If you should have an advisee for whom the CAP is considering Required Withdrawal, you will be asked to represent your student at the Deferred Action Meeting. This is an opportunity for you to provide the Committee with additional information on an advisee in very serious academic trouble. The student is also invited to write a statement.

UAAP staff will contact you to set an appointment to appear on one of the days. See The Advisor's Role at the End of Term for more information. See also the CAP website End of Term Academic Review: Advice for Advisors page for additional advice.