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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Assisting Advisees with Choice of Major

Your advisees will need to declare a departmental major this spring. More information about deadlines, procedures, and advising the anxious freshman follow below.



Helping Resources

The Exploring the Major section of the Class of 2019 site is an excellent resource for your advisees as well as for you. There is extensive information on majors and minors at MIT, including a timeline, department links, advice on making the decision, words of wisdom from upperclassmen, and and much more.

Remember, too, that the Undergraduate Administrator or Undergraduate Officer in a particular department is always the best resource for questions, concerns, or information.

Advising the Anxious Freshman

Choosing a major is often fraught with anxiety. Many freshmen are unsure or perhaps are deciding among several majors. Please reassure an anxious student that this is normal.

If a freshman needs additional time, s/he can delay handing in the Choice of Major form until May 12, or else choose to be an Undesignated Sophomore.

Undesignated Sophomore Advising

If you have a relationship with the student, you may choose to continue as the student's advisor for first semester of sophomore year. Many freshmen welcome the opportunity to continue this advising relationship.