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Advising Right Now: End of Term Academic Issues

This page provides important information about processes and procedures for freshmen who are struggling academically at the end of the Fall semester.

By January 4, you will be able to review your advisees Fall Pass/No Record grades on WebSIS. WebSIS will only display grades of P, D, or F. See the Grades and Student Privacy page for complete information on freshmen internal "hidden" grades and grading policies

While the vast majority of freshmen will pass all 4 subjects in the first term and can look forward to a successful transition to the second semester, at the end of each term, about 160 freshmen are flagged for not passing one or more full subjects. These students will be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Performance for possible action.

End of December Academic Review of Freshmen

The Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) is a faculty committee that concerns itself with, among other issues, the academic progress of undergraduates. At the end of each semester, the CAP, in conjunction with academic departments, reviews the records of all undergraduate students who are not doing well academically.

The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming serves as the academic department for freshmen and is therefore responsible for reviewing the end of term performance of the freshman class and for making appropriate recommendations to the CAP.

There are two sets of CAP meetings in January: the Freshman Grades Meeting and Deferred Action Meetings.

Freshman Grades Meeting

Elizabeth Young, Associate Dean, Freshman Advising and New Student Programming, represents the freshman class at this meeting and will bring forward recommendations for any CAP action for flagged freshmen (3 full subjects or fewer). The Committee can vote one of the following:

January 20-21 Deferred Action Meetings

If the CAP needs additional information to help them to take an appropriate action, they will defer further discussion to later in January. In that small likelihood, you will be invited to represent your advisee at the Deferred Action Meeting for a scheduled 5-minute hearing on January 20 or 21.

Dean Elizabeth Young is available to address questions or concerns about the CAP processes for freshmen.