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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: The Advisor’s Role at the End of Term

This page provides details on end of term processes and your role as an advocate for your advisees.

Reviewing Your Advisees' Grades on WebSIS

By May 25, your advisees' grades will be posted on WebSIS. Remember that second-term freshmen receive a GPA based on actual grades of A, B,or C; D or F grades are still No Record and are not calculated into the GPA.

Receiving Results from the CAP May 31 Grades Meeting

Helping Your Student Write a Statement to the CAP

Please contact immediately any advisee who may be reviewed by the CAP for possible Required Withdrawal. Being proactive is critical.

Here are some suggestions for helping your advisee to write a concise (one page), sincere, clear statement. The student should briefly assess what the problems have been and then delineate specific action steps s/he will be taking to ensure success in subsequent terms. Some points that might be covered:

Finding Helpful Resources at the End of Term

Whether there were extenuating circumstances or not, encourage your student to make an appointment immediately with S3, Student Support Services, x3-4861, room 5-104, or with Mental Health and Counseling at MIT Medical, x3-2916, E23-3rd floor.

Representatives from S3 and Mental Health and Counseling attend meetings of the Committee on Academic Performance as non-voting members. They often speak on a student's behalf, providing supplementary information without betraying confidentiality.

The Advisor's Role at the CAP Deferred Action Meeting (June 8 or 9)

You will represent your advisee at one of the Deferred Action meetings, or, if you are not available on that date, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming will represent your student, based on information you provide. The CAP will schedule a 5-minute hearing on one of the above dates for you to discuss your advisee.

At this meeting, you will be asked to:

Of course, either Dean Elizabeth Young ( , x3-9762) or Dean Julie Norman ( in the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) is available to you and your student for more specific advice about preparing a statement for the Committee on Academic Performance, or for general advice and support about end of term decisions.

See also the CAP website End of Term Academic Review: Advice for Advisors page for additional advice.