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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Finishing the Fall Semester

Even though the end of term is a ways off, we want to give you a "heads-up" regarding some upcoming dates, deadlines, and procedures that may affect you and your advisees.

Early Sophomore Standing

Every year approximately 20% of freshmen will have completed at least one-quarter of their degree by end of Fall term, making them eligible for Early Sophomore Standing.

If a freshman is eligible for early sophomore standing, s/he will receive an offer by Julie Norman, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, and Director of the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming to change their student status to sophomore. There is no petition process to become an early sophomore.

Eligible students may decide to remain a freshman, or if electing sophomore status, may:

In late November (after Drop Date), the Registrar's Office determines which freshmen are potentially eligible, assuming successful completion of the first semester. This determination includes both the number of completed GIRs and percent of degree credit earned. Moreover, the student must have satisfied the freshman Communication Requirement.

Final Exams

Fall semester finals will be held from Monday-Friday, December 14-18, 2015.

Students should check the Final Examination Schedule to find out when and where their finals will be held. The Registrar's Office will contact students who have a scheduling conflict between two or more final exams. Occasionally an exam will need to be rescheduled, so students should be encouraged to check this site ahead of time to plan studies and check again prior to finals week to confirm that no testing dates, times, or locations have changed.

End of Term Meetings

At the end of each term, the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) reviews the performance of all undergraduate students.

As the academic department for first-year students, the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming will review the academic performance of all flagged freshmen and seek your input into any recommendations to the Committee on Academic Performance. The CAP holds two sets of meetings. Please note these dates, in the event that the UAAP needs to be in touch with you in January about any of your advisees:

Additional details will be posted later in the Fall.

IAP/Spring Pre-Registration

Freshmen will pre-register for IAP and Spring on WebSIS and meet with you subsequently to solidify their registrations for the spring. All students must initiate online Pre-Registration by Wednesday, December 30, 2015, to avoid late fees.

All students are limited to 12-unit credit limit for IAP. Freshmen have a limit of 57-units for the spring semester.

Online Registration opens for all students on Monday, January 25, 2016. You are expected to meet in person with each advisee to verify and approve registration choices no later than Monday, February 1 (Spring Registration Day). If you and your advisees are on campus earlier than Reg Day, you may certainly meet earlier in the week of January 25-February 1 to complete online registration.

See Advisees' Registrations for more detail on pre-reg and spring registration.