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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Fifth Week Flags and Beyond

Fifth Week Flags will be sent via email starting the week of March 7 and thereafter. A Fifth Week Flag is an early warning notice sent by faculty, instructors, or TAs to any freshman whose work, by the end of the fifth week, is below a C level. Remember that "C" is the passing grade for freshmen.

Fifth Week Flags Process

Both the freshman advisor and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) are copied on the flag to the freshman.

Advising a Flagged Freshman

Please be in immediate touch with any flagged advisee to encourage her/him to engage resources right away.

URGENT: Advising a Freshman Who Receives Two or More Flags

Multiple Fifth Week Flags are serious; they are predictors for review at the end of the semester by the faculty Committee on Academic Performance. Last year the ten freshmen who were asked to leave MIT had each received multiple flags in both semesters.

Dropping a Subject

Advising Freshmen on Academic Warning from First Semester

If you are copied on one or more Fifth Week Flags for an advisee who is currently on Warning, it is critical to be in immediate contact with both the student and with the TA or instructor in the subject(s) in question.

It is critical that your advisee pass at least three full subjects this semester to avoid end-of-term review by the Committee on Academic Performance and the possibility of being required to leave MIT.