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Advising Right Now: Advisor Folders

This page details the two folders that you will use to glean and store information on each of your freshman advisees.

Manila Advisor Folders

The Advisor Folder is the manila paper folder where you will file such academic information as the Online Freshman Advising Folder and copies of registration forms, hidden grades, status of registration, etc., as these become available.

Online Freshman Advising Folder

The Online Advising Folder is designed to help you and your advisees keep track of information and testing results that may affect the advising process (e.g., your advisees' incoming credit and placement). This information is not provided anywhere in hard copy, so we encourage you print copies of each advisee's Online Freshman Advising Folder to keep for easy reference.

You access your advisees' Online Freshman Advising Folders through the advisor section of WebSIS, MIT's Online Student Information System. Advisees have access to their folders via a link provided on the Class of 2019 website.

See the Online Freshman Advising Folder page under Advising Resources for complete details on folder content, including how to access and use your advisees' Online Folder information.