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Advising Right Now: Advisees' Registrations

We provide information and advice on this page should your advisees need to adjust their Spring registration.

Adding and Dropping Subjects

Your advisees are responsible for making sure that their registration is up-to-date. However, from time to time during the semester, you also should check their status of registration on WebSIS to make sure that they are correctly registered.

All changes to registration are to be made via the online Add/Drop/Change form.

The Registrar's office has complete information on adding and dropping subjects.

Dropping an unattended HASS-D Subject

Be on the lookout for HASS-D subjects into which the student was placed by pre-registration lottery but later decided not to attend. If the student does not drop an unattended HASS-D, s/he will receive an F at the end of the term which can only be removed by petition to the Committee on Academic Performance.

Dropping a CI-H Subject: Freshmen who did not take a required Communications Intensive subject during the Fall and are enrolled in one for the Spring may not drop the class. Any freshman who drops or fails a required CI-H subject will automatically be placed on Warning by the Committee on Academic Performance for Fall 2016.

Late Registration Changes

Students who miss the Add or Drop deadlines must petition the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) in order to change their registrations. Petitions are available from the Petitions section of the CAP website or in the office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming, room 7-104.

Approval of petitions is not guaranteed; those that are approved are subject to a $50 fee. Additional information on the petition process and late registration changes can be found on the CAP website.