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For Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Registration Preparations and Instructions

Before you meet your advisees:

  1. Review the Class of 2020 Website. Look at the substantial advice we give to freshmen about self-assessment, planning a balanced schedule, using Pass/No Record grading wisely and preparing for ABC/No Record, subject prerequisites, and taking higher-level subjects in the first term.
  2. Review each advisee's Online Freshman Advising Folder (available to advisors on August 12 and to students August 15). By August 30 and 31, you will be able to view student's Math Diagnostic scores and recommendations and the results of any Advanced Standing exams for which the student may have sat. See the Online Freshman Advising Folder page under Advising Resources for complete details on folder content, including how to access and use your advisees' Online Folder information.

Registration Details

Starting Monday, August 29, freshmen will be able to start the online registration process by inputting their subject choices. You will be meeting with them a bit later in the week to complete their registration. You will also be able to view their subject selection in advance i of meeting them. Detailed registration instructions are provided on the Registrar's site.

Even though all registration will be online, you still must meet with each advisee to verify registration choices and electronically sign off on their registration. See Meeting Your Advisees During Orientation Week for options, especially if you will be traveling during Orientation week.

The Registration Process at Your Individual Meeting

For your individual registration meeting, you and your Associate Advisor should meet together with each advisee in your office. Most advisors set aside 30 minutes or so for this first meeting.

Many freshmen are anxious to plan out their whole four years at this meeting; perhaps they already know what major they will be declaring. In the interests of time, assure your advisee that this first meeting is only the one of many advising meetings throughout the whole first year in which you will help them to explore all their options.

Access the online registration system at:

Please remind your advisees to bring their laptops or Smart Phones to their individual meetings with you.

Freshman Advising Seminars

If you are leading a Freshman Advising Seminar, your advisees should be automatically registered for your seminar.

Special Registration Considerations re:

Your Associate Advisor's Role during Registration

Checking the Student's Class Schedule

On Friday, Sept 2, freshmen can check their current schedule on WebSIS for the dates, times, and room numbers for each subject for which the student initially registered.

Important scheduling notes: