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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Advisees' Registrations

This page contains information about the procedures for helping your advisees adjust their registrations.

First year students initiate and submit a drop request via MIT’s online Digital Add/Drop form.  As a first year advisor, you will be part of this process as your approval for drop requests is required.  If an advisee requests approval for a drop, you will receive an email alerting you to take action.  The message will direct you to Student Forms and Petitions, where you can access the request and enter your decision.  If you want to meet with your advisee before approving a request, you may enter a decision of “Consult” along with a comment to the student, instructing them to get in touch.  The student will be notified by email of your decision and any comments that you enter.

After you approve a registration change via a Digital Add/Drop form, your advisee must return to the online form and submit the registration change to the Registrar to complete the process. Students must submit drop requests to the Registrar by 5pm on Drop Date.

Detailed help and training are available in the Add Drop Help section.  Training materials include a written quick guide and an online eLearning Add Drop Tutorial.

Spring Semester Registration Considerations

Before meeting with your advisees, please read the following information carefully about the freshman credit limit, prerequisites for higher-level subjects, special sequencing of Organic Chemistry subjects, and the importance of completing the freshman Communication Requirement this year.

Online Registration opens for all students on Monday, January 26, 2015. Detailed information about the registration processes will be posted on the Registrar's site.

You are expected to meet in person with each advisee to verify and approve registration choices no later than Monday, February 2 (Spring Registration Day). If you and your advisees are on campus earlier than Reg Day, you may certainly meet earlier in the week of January 26-February 2 to complete online registration.

Spring Freshman Credit Limit and Grading

Credit Limit


Communication Requirement

Freshmen are required to complete one Communication Intensive (CI) subject by the end of their first year at MIT.

Pre-Requisites for Sophomore Level Subjects

Special Sequencing Issues for Organic Chemistry Subjects (5.12 and 5.13)

Physical Education Requirement