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The First Year at MIT

Advising Resources: Online Freshman Advising Folder

Beginning Thursday, August 15, you may access your advisees' Online Freshman Advising Folders through the advisor section of WebSIS, MIT's online student information system (see access details below).

The online folder is designed to help you and your advisees keep track of information and testing results that may affect the advising process (e.g., your advisees' incoming credit and placement). This information is not provided anywhere in hard copy, so you may want print copies of each advisee's Online Freshman Advising Folder to keep for easy reference.

Each advisee's Online Freshman Advising Folder contains the following information:

Accessing Your Advisees' Folders

Since the online folder is part of MIT's Student Information System, access is limited to you, your advisees, and MIT officials who have a legitimate educational interest. For more information, see MIT's Student Information Policy

Therefore, access to the folder requires authentication using MIT web certificates. To obtain a certificate, please see the information and instructions that are provided on the IS&T website at:

Once your certificates have been obtained, you will receive a success message indicating that your certificate has been created. You should then be able to access your advisees' Online Freshman Advising Folders via the "For Advisors and Departmental Administrators" link off WebSIS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certificates cannot be transferred from one computer to another. You must obtain your certificates on each computer that you intend to use to look up your students' information.

Changes in Folder Displays

After Add Date, check your advisees' status of registration in WebSIS to make sure that the AP or Advanced Standing credit they have been awarded appears appropriately on their fall registration.

If anything is missing, remind the student to contact the Registrar's Office to make sure that his/her credit is processed. WebSIS will display AP and Transfer credit with an "S" rather than a grade. It will not display Math Diagnostic results or FEE scores, since these are placement tests used primarily for registration.