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The First Year at MIT

Advising Resources: Advising Funds and Documentation

UAAP provides advising funds to you, to be spent for the entertainment, dining, and education of your advisees and associate advisors. You receive a check in September that represents an advanced allowance of $50 per advisee for the academic year 2015-16, along with a Freshman Advisor Allowance Form, and a list of possible activities.

Accounting documentation

Good accounting practice requires documentation of all expenses. MIT’s auditors have advised UAAP to keep records for five years.

Creative ideas for spending your advising money

Advising funds are meant to enhance the advising experience for your advising group. We hope that you use them to organize activities that facilitate group interaction and also give your advisees more opportunities for exploration of the Boston area.

While you could one take the whole group to one big ticket item, like “Blue Man Group”, we encourage you to budget so that you can do several small-scale activities. There are any number of fun and inexpensive opportunities around the Boston/Cambridge area as well as on the MIT campus.

Some suggestions:

Your associate advisor should be able to offer specific suggestions and help plan and organize group activities.