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Advising Resources: WebSIS

WebSIS is MIT's Online Student Information System for students, faculty, and administrators at MIT.

As an advisor, WebSIS grants you access to your advisees' academic records, including the Online Freshman Advising Folder and more. In addition, it provides links to the academic calendar, the integrated listing of subject offerings, and to general MIT academic and financial information.

Because WebSIS provides access to students' official academic records, access privileges are strictly controlled and users are authenticated via MIT web certificates. See MIT's Student Information Policy for complete information.

To obtain a certificate, please see the information and instructions provided on the IS&T website at:

Once your certificate has been obtained, you will receive a success message indicating that your certificate has been created. You should then be able to access your advisees' records through the "for Advisors and Departmental Administrators" section of WebSIS.

For more information on access to student records, please see

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certificates cannot be transferred from one computer to another. You must obtain your certificates on each computer that you intend to use to look up your students' information.