MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Training & Development : Why Development is Important

MIT values your knowledge and experience. The UAAP selected you as an associate advisor because you have the qualifications that are important to advise freshmen effectively. By providing you with ongoing opportunities to improve your advising skills and by practicing what you learn, you will be able to reach your potential as a successful mentor.

You are expected to participate in 2 training sessions during the year so that you can enhance your skills and find new ways of improving. By learning from higher education professionals and other associate advisors, you can explore, practice and reflect.

Roundtable Discussions serve as a platform for you to share your experiences and learn from other associate advisors in a comfortable setting.

Ongoing training and development also keeps you up to date and informed of changes. Every year, there are at least some changes, be it a new version of a class or a new professor for a GIR. Each freshman class and every advising group are unique, so you must adapt your advising approach continuously if you are going to be effective.

To sign up for an upcoming training session, please go to Training Schedule & Registration.