MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Training & Development: Training Schedule & Registration

You are expected to participate in 2 training sessions per year. If you are a returning associate advisor, this is a great opportunity for you to share your experiences with new associate advisors.

Roundtable Discussions are small group meetings (no more than 12 associate advisors) that will center on advising challenges and solutions relevant to current advising topics. These are interactive sessions will give you the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from other associate advisors in a comfortable setting. Discussions will be led by UAAP staff and might include guest facilitators.

You may register for as many programs as you would like. Once you register for an session, you are expected to attend unless an unanticipated conflict arises. In that case, you must notify Leslie Bottari,, 24 hours in advance.

Training Sessions & Registration

All Fall sessions are full; the schedule below is for reference only. If you are interested in attending sessions, please fill out your contact information below.

Thursday, March 5 from 2-3pm in PDRs 1 & 2 (3rd FL., Student Center)
You will learn how students can easily connect with MIT’s alumni for advice and networking opportunities. John Dolan, Assistant Director of Campus Affinity and Student Alumni Relations, will show you how to access the Institute Career Advising Network (ICAN). This online tool will help your advisees tap into an invaluable resource to help them explore majors and job opportunities.

in Room 6-104 (Chipman)
In this interactive workshop, you will deconstruct your own cultural orientation in order to understand how your own culture affects how you listen, perceive, and interact with others. You will learn concrete steps for how to think about and engage in inter-cultural communication in a way that's more productive and creative. Brought to you by Conflict Resolution@MIT with Libby Mahaffy.