MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Advising Fundamentals: Organizing Advising Activities

A large part of your involvement with freshmen is to help their transition to MIT's social environment. By organizing advising group activities a few times a year with your advising group, you can introduce freshmen to other students and help ease their social transition.

Coordinating with Your Advisor

The advisor you are working with will likely rely on you to organize social activities with your advising group. S/he will receive monetary resources from the UAAP for any activities that you plan during the year. Work with your advisor to plan at a time that fits your schedules so that you are both an active part of advising activities.

If your advisor is not available for an event, you should speak to them in advance about funding. They may either provide you with the funds ahead of time or reimburse you following the event. Keep all receipts!

If you are organizing a special activity that requires an additional subsidy, your request might be considered for approval. You must submit a detailed activity description, including a list of expenses already used to date by your advising group, to Julie Norman.

Coordinating with Your Advisees

Most advising groups coordinate 1-2 activities per semester. It is recommended that you plan your first event at the start of the semester, before students get too busy with exams and p-sets.

Ask you advisees for either their class schedules or their open times at the start of the semester. This way, you can plan ahead and effectively. It might also be useful to poll your advisees about their availability for specific dates/times.

Planning Activities Creatively

Ask your advisees at the start of the semester, or even when you meet them during freshman orientation, what types of activities they are interested in doing together. This way, you are both reminding them that they are part of an advising group that will get together socially, and finding out about their interests.

Typical activities that advising groups plan are dinner, movie, bowling, museum, concert or a sporting event. There are many local activities that are local, and FREE! Some groups have taken advantage of interesting on-campus presentations or events. While others have supported their advisees by attending their sporting event, play or musical performance.

Although not always be realistic, you might have arrange to get together with each advisee (i.e. coffee or ice cream) when you are unable to get your advising group together.