Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The First Year at MIT

Associate Advisor Steering Committee

If you live in a campus dorm, then you have the opportunity to work closely with a member of the Associate Advisor Steering Committee and other associate advisors outside of your advising group. The Committee leads in providing an in-house support system and after hour academic resources for freshmen campus-wide. Members are associate advisors who act as liaisons with the UAAP, Graduate Resident Tutors (GRT) and Housemasters to help freshmen get the help they need in their residential communities.

2013-2014 Steering Committee Members

Baker House

photo of Eann Tuan

I'm Eann Tuan (, from Dallas, Texas. I was born and raised in Texas, so when I came to MIT and left all my friends who went to state schools down South, it was so nice to have an associate advisor to answer my questions about life at MIT. I'm a Course 6 junior and this is my second year as an associate advisor. Last year I advised in a seminar but this year I will be working with Professor Gerald Sussman of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in a traditional advising group. I'm always happy to answer freshmen's questions regarding academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. I have swum for MIT the past two years and am involved in Greek Life here at MIT. In my very little free time, I like to watch reruns of Friends, bake, and explore Boston.


photo of Nathan Miller

I'm Nathan Miller ( from Raleigh, NC, and I'm happy to be serving alongside Nikki in Burton-Conner. I'm now a senior majoring in Course 7 and also Pre-Med. I'm entering my third year as an associate advisor, and it has definitely been one of the most rewarding experiences during my time at MIT. I've enjoyed getting to know some awesome incoming freshmen. I've also taken the opportunity to connect with my advisors. This year, I have the privilege of working alongside Provost Chris Kaiser. I'm currently working in the MGH Center for Systems Biology doing research with ovarian cancer. I will also be a TA for 7.02 in the fall. I've had the pleasure of spending 2.5 years rowing for the Varsity Lightweight Men's Crew team. I love spending time with my floor, the Burton 3rd Bombers, and I'm an avid tennis player.

photo of nicole neibloom

I'm Nicole Neibloom (, from Weston, FL. I am going to be a Junior in Course 20 Biological Engineering minoring in energy studies. This is going to be my second year advising in Terrascope. I love being able to help freshmen get settled into MIT and helping others go through difficulties that we all have to struggle through as MIT students. I have been part of the Terrascope program since my freshmen year and continue to be involved. When I am not studying or working with the program, I am co-captain of the MIT Cheerleading squad, Vice President of the Biological Engineering Undergraduate Board, member of the MIT Dancetroupe, or working at my UROP in Ribbeck Lab.

East Campus

photo of erin bailie

I'm Erin Bailie ( from Atlanta, GA. I'm a junior studying Mechanical Engineering (Course 2). This is my second year as an Associate Advisor and this year I will be doing traditional advising with Professor David Pesetsky. On campus, I care a lot about student wellness and I hope that I can help freshmen develop personal habits and find community so they can be successful and enjoy their time at MIT. In my free time, I like running, rock climbing, and yoga, and trying out new recipes.


photo of max tang

I'm Maximilian Tang (maxtang@edu) from Hong Kong. I'm a junior double majoring in course 9 and 20 and hopefully minoring in Economics. For my second year advising I will be working with Professor Craig Wilder in the History Department. I spend a good chunk of my time working on the MIT ambulance as part of MIT EMS and I also serve as their Class Officer. When not in uniform, I teach CPR around campus, am a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa, and like to try out different sports here and there when I find the time!

New House

Anna Ho photograph

I'm Anna Ho ( from…well, it's complicated. I was born in Singapore, moved to London when I was nine and have an American accent. This is my second year as an Associate Advisor, working with Ms. Kara Brown in the UAAP. I arrived at MIT thinking I wanted to major in Brain and Cog Sci and become a neurologist, but ended up declaring a major in Physics. Now, I do astronomy research at MIT and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. During the school year, I juggle classes in a variety of departments with teaching through ESP, serving as president of New House, cooking with my living group (French House), and blogging for MIT Admissions. After I graduate, I plan to get a Master's Degree in Science Writing and a Ph.D. in astronomy.

Random Hall

photo of Arianna McQuillen

I'm Arianna McQuillen (, from Alexandria, Virginia. I'm a senior pursuing a major in course 2, but occasionally being distracted by interesting classes in course 3. For my freshman year, I had Concourse advising which I found to be an exciting experience. It really changed the way I look at the world and I hope to continue that collaboration with the humanities. Since I've been working on my dorm Exec Comm, I'm thrilled to be working more closely with students as an associate advisor! I look forward to keeping students happy and healthy! In my spare time, I do volunteer work with Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed fraternity, and with People Making a Difference. I also enjoy painting murals of my favorite anime characters and exploring the city with friends.

Senior House

photo of Angela Zhu

I'm Angela Zhu ( from Monroe, New York. I'm a senior in Course 20, and this is my first year as an associate advisor. I will be working with Professor Brushett from the Department of Chemical Engineering. I wanted to become an associate advisor to help freshmen in any way I can . MIT offers can seem overwhelming at times, so would like to be available to answer questions or direct students to resources. I do nanoparticle drug delivery research in the Langer Lab, am a Medlink for Senior House, and serve as an active board member of Chinese Students' Club. I'm always looking for ways to use my major to travel and to try new and interesting things; I worked in a research lab in Thailand one summer, blog for GECD, and just spent my junior spring semester abroad at University College London (UCL). This also translates to trying out various campus activities and groups- I've been on Student Council, SWE, and just joined club kickboxing.

Christina Stuart photo

Simmons Hall

I'm Christina Stuart (, from Dix Hills, New York on Long Island. I am a senior majoring in Course 6-3 and minoring in Spanish. This is my third year as an associate advisor. I've had the chance to help many new freshman that I met within my dorm. I make sure that they are adjusting well to MIT and have all of their questions answered. I enjoy sharing my own experiences with freshmen to help them get the most out of their time at MIT. In general, my working style is to be as organized and on top of my work. I'm also very good with planning and scheduling things. I hope to show freshmen all that I've learned throughout the years. Aside from academics, I enjoy music, dancing, reading and hanging out with friends. I also love going into Boston to explore new places.