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The First Year at MIT

Associate Advisor Steering Committee

If you live in a campus dorm, then you have the opportunity to work closely with a member of the Associate Advisor Steering Committee and other associate advisors outside of your advising group.

The Committee leads in providing an in-house support system and after hour academic resources for freshmen campus-wide. Members are associate advisors who act as liaisons with the UAAP, Graduate Resident Tutors (GRT) and Housemasters to help freshmen get the help they need in their residential communities.

Steering Committee Members

Below please find the list of Associate Advisor Steering Committee members for 2015-2016.


Megan McKnelly photo

My name is Megan McKnelly ( and I am from Camarillo, CA. I’m a junior majoring in Course 9 and minoring in Chemistry. This is my second year serving as an Associate Advisor and I will be working with Prof. Chris Kaiser, the Department Head of Biology. When I’m not psetting, I compete on the varsity sailing team, volunteer in the Cambridge community, mentor freshmen through the Baker Leaders program, and explore Boston with friends.


photo of Gina Li

Hello! My name is Gina Li ( I've teamed up with Kristina to act as lead associate advisors in BC. I'm from the mountains of southwest Virginia! I'm a junior studying Economics and hopefully double majoring in Math. This will be my second year as an associate advisor with the freshmen seminar, Physics of Energy, and I'm ecstatic to lead you in supporing the Burton-Conner freshmen. I also UROP in Economics, am on the Board for Smart Women's Securities and lead Campus Tours. You'll probably find me watching movies, hanging out with my floor, and playing card games.

kristina schmidt photo

I'm Kristina Schmidt (, and I'm from Miami, Florida. I'm a junior in Course 2, and I'm concentrating in Women and Gender Studies. This is my second year being an associate advisor for the seminar "The Zen of Probability" with Professor Orlin. I love getting to know my freshmen during the entire first semester, and I am looking forward to organizing freshman evets with you in BC. I spend my time hanging out on my floor (Burton Third), watching Disney movies, and reading about random topics.

East Campus

Lorraine Wong photo

My name is Lorraine Wong ( from San Jose, California, and I’m a junior studying Courses 9 and 21E (I'm pairing Women and gender studies with Course 6). Most of my time on campus is spent hanging out on my hall (4E!), advocating for student mental health and destigmatization of mental illness with the student group Active Minds, being a crisis hotline volunteer at Samaritans Inc in Boston, or turning new cooking projects into lots of smoke.


Amy Wang photo

I’m Amy Wang ( from New York City. I’m a sophomore majoring in Chemical-Biological Engineering (Course 10B). I have a passion for exploring cities, listening to music, and eating mac and cheese. This is my first year as an associate advisor, and I’m so excited to meet freshmen and help them thrive at this beloved Institvte! I’m also a Residential Director for Medlinks and hope to foster a strong and supportive community at MacGregor House.

New House

Sarah Wharton photo

My name is Sarah Wharton (, and I’m from Sacramento, California. I’m a junior double majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Literature. This is my secnd year as an associate advisor. A lot of my time is spent organizing food for my living group in New House and cooking for my friends. When I’m not in the kitchen or working on my latest art project, I’m usually reading. I love working with people and making everyone feel at home at MIT, so working with my fellow NH associate advisors is very rewarding.


Lisa Ho photo

I'm Lisa Ho (, and I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science. I was born in Singapore and lived there until I was six, when my family moved to London, England, until I came to MIT. Activities I enjoy include cooking, hiking, rock climbing, discussing books, and eating dark chocolate. At MIT, I'm involved with the Educational Studies Program (We run cool programs like Splash for middle and high school students), and I'm currently serving a term as Chair.

Senior House

Jose Esparza photo

I am José A. Esparza (jespaarza) from Cd. Juárez, Mexico. I am a sophomore majoring in Economics and Physics this year. I will be an associate advisor for Professor Paul L. Schetcher and the leading our support of freshmen at Senior Haüs. As part of these roles, I will set up events throughout the semester to give academic advice for first year students. I believe that we can enrich the first year experience at MIT by listening incoming students and giving meaningful advice.


Peter Haine photo

My name is Peter Haine ( and I’m a senior from the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. I like to say that I’m “mostly a mathematician, and an artist, foodie, and font freak on the side,” by which I mean that I study pure Math. In my spare time I enjoy art, cooking/eating, and learning about typography. I have fun running along the Charles, organizing the Student Colloquium for Undergraduates in Mathematics (SCUM) talks, and UROPing with Clark Barwick, where I explore various things related to algebraic K-theory. When I’m not at MIT, I enjoy traveling, hiking and skiing.