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The First Year at MIT

Associate Advisor Steering Committee

If you live in a campus dorm, then you have the opportunity to work closely with a member of the Associate Advisor Steering Committee and other associate advisors outside of your advising group.

The Committee leads in providing an in-house support system and after hour academic resources for freshmen campus-wide. Members are associate advisors who act as liaisons with the UAAP, Graduate Resident Tutors (GRT) and Housemasters to help freshmen get the help they need in their residential communities.

Steering Committee Members

Below please find the list of Associate Advisor Steering Committee members for 2014-2015.


Eann Tuan photo

My name is Eann Tuan ( and I am from Dallas, Texas. I was born and raised in Texas, so when I came to MIT and left all my friends who went to state schools down South, it was helpful to have an associate advisor to answer my questions about life at MIT. I'm a Course 6 Senior and this is my third year as an associate advisor. I have been a seminar and traditional advisor. This year I will be an advisor for the UAAP. I have swum for MIT the past two years and am involved in Greek Life here at MIT. In my spare time, I like to watch reruns of Friends, cook, and explore Boston.


photo of nicole neibloom

I'm Nikki Neibloom (, from Weston, FL. I am a Senior in Course 20, Biological Engineering, and I am minoring in Energy Studies. This is my third year being an associate advisor for Terrascope. I like being the person who freshmen know they can go to when they need help.  I feel like I have been part of one of each type of organization here on campus and if not, I have met someone who can help me answer your questions. When I am not studying or working with the program, I am co-captain of the MIT Cheerleading squad, President of the Biological Engineering Undergraduate Board, and UROP in the Sinskey Lab. 

East Campus

Lorraine Wong photo

My name is Lorraine Wong ( from San Jose, California, and I’m a sophomore studying Course 9, taking random 6-2 classes, and concentrating in Women’s and Gender Studies. This year I’m advising with Professor Seth Lloyd in a Course 2 seminar on quantum computing! Most of my time on campus is spent hanging out on my hall (4E!), putting on different events with the student mental health group Active Minds, advocating for students’ health during my first year on the UA Wellness Committee and as part of SMASH, or turning new cooking projects into lots of smoke.


Max Tang photo

I'm Max Tang (maxtang@edu) from Hong Kong. I'm a junior double majoring in course 9 and 20 and hopefully minoring in Economics. For my second year advising I will be working with Professor Craig Wilder in the History Department. I spend a good chunk of my time working on the MIT ambulance as part of MIT EMS and I also serve as their Class Officer. When not in uniform, I teach CPR around campus, am a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa, and like to try out different sports here and there when I find the time!

New House

Sarah Wharton photo

My name is Sarah Wharton (, and I’m from Sacramento, California. I’m a sophomore double majoring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Literature, and this is my first year as an associate advisor! A lot of my time is spent organizing food for my living group in New House and cooking for my friends. When I’m not in the kitchen or working on my latest art project, I’m usually reading. I love working with people and making everyone feel at home at MIT, so working with my fellow NH associate advisors is very rewarding.


Kate Tatar photo

I'm Kate Tatar ( from Norwood, MA. I'm a junior in Mechanical Engineering (Course 2) This is my first year as an associate advisor, and I'm excited to help freshmen feel at home and succeed here at MIT.   I love swing dancing, painting, biking around Boston, rock climbing, and cooking at pika (I've developed a new found love for brussel sprouts).  I run an outreach program with SWE and am also involved in Greek Life.  My goal as an associate advisor is to help my advisees find the academic balance that works for them and show them that they have a strong supportive community that they can turn to. 

Senior House

Ilana Porter photo

My name is Ilana Porter and I grew up in New Jersey, but I always dreamed of going to MIT. When I got my acceptance letter, I was scared and excited. When it was time to choose my first semester classes, I was lucky to have an extremely helpful associate advisor who inspired me to become an AA myself. I loved working with Professor Staffilani last year. I also really enjoyed helping to put on the AA events in Senior House and getting to know amazing freshmen. I am involved in the student government of Senior House and am currently the Social Committee Chair and the i3 Chair. I also volunteer with the ClubChem Outreach Program. I am majoring in Chemistry and have a UROP in Course 5.


Brianna Coston photo

I’m Brianna Coston (, a senior majoring in Course 4 (Architecture).  I am from from San Diego, CA.  I am going on my third year as an associate advisor for Terrascope, one of the freshman learning communities. I am currently employed on campus as a student worker in the Libraries and am very involved with my dorm government. As a resident of Simmons Hall, I head the GRT Selection Committee for the dorm that helps select the incoming Graduate Resident Tutors for the incoming years. After graduation this year, I hope to either pursue graduate education in sustainable design or find a job at a consulting firm focusing on energy efficiency in buildings.