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For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Becoming an Associate: Application

To apply to become an Associate Advisor for AY2016-2017 you must complete this application.

This is a one-year commitment that includes the following expectations:

Associate advisors are the primary resource of academic support for freshmen. They are an essential part of a support team made up of a Freshman Advisor, Housemaster, Graduate Resident Tutor (GRT) and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP).

Associate Advisors also provide support and academic resources to freshmen living in their residence under the direction of the Associate Advisor Steering Committee. Associate advisors compliment the advisor/associate advisor relationship and will be an identified resource within their living group.

The AA Steering Committee serves as a liaison between dorms on campus and the UAAP. Members connect associate advisors to the freshmen living in their dorm and are responsible for providing in-house support and academic resources for freshmen. Applications to serve on the Committee are available.


Please fill out the following application completely. Required fields are marked with an *.

*Are you a Varsity Athlete? or



*How did you hear about the Associate Advisor position? Check all that apply.


Please provide the name of the dorm or FSLIG where you plan to live next year (not your current, summer, or home address).



Please check the box that best describes you and answer the applicable questions posed below your chosen option. Answers should be from 50-100 words per question.

*6. You are required to participate in at least 2 Training & Development sessions during the academic year. Please list (2-3) topics that you would like to see included in your training curriculum. Your topics should be brief and listed as titles.


Be sure to complete this section, as helps us get to know you better and match you with a compatible advisor. If you are already matched with an advisor, you may omit this section.

Response should be approximately 50-100 words.


If you have not already made arrangements to work with an advisor, the UAAP will match you with one. Details will be provided by email in May-June.


In addition to submitting this form, a recommendation is required. Recommendations must be from a faculty member, administrator, or GRT who has supervised you or knows you well. If you are a returning Associate Advisor, the recommendation must be from the advisor with whom you worked in the prior year.

Recommendations should be provided via the online recommendation form located at: Please be sure to provide this URL to your recommender.

or to erase all fields and begin again.