MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Becoming an Associate: Application Checklist

Use this page to ensure that you have completed all the steps needed to become an associate advisor. This checklist provides required forms, training and orientation dates by deadline.

  1. Submit your Application by March 24. Students who are interested in becoming an associate advisor must complete and submit an online application by the required deadline. This includes both new and returning applicants.
  2. Submit Recommendations by March 24. Applicants must have a letter of recommendation submitted to support their application. Recommendation must be from a faculty member or administrator who has supervised you or knows you well. If you are a returning associate advisor, the recommendation must be from the advisor with whom you worked in the prior year.
  3. April 4-13: Interviews. New applicants must participate in a 15 minute group interview of 6-8 students. Once you have submitted the associate advisor application, you will be notified by email to sign up for an interview slot on a Doodle poll. Interviews will be conducted by UAAP staff and students.
  4. May 4 (7:00-8:30 pm in 34-101): Spring Training. If you are selected as an associate advisor, you are required to participate in training this spring to provide you with an overview of associate advising and prepare you for what is ahead.
  5. May 5: Contract. Once you have been notified by email that you have been accepted as an associate advisor, you will need to submit an online contract confirming that you agree to the terms stated about your role and responsibilities.
  6. May- June 2017: Match Agreement. The UAAP will match you with an advisor with whom to work, unless you have already made arrangements to advise with an advisor. Leslie Bottari will notify you with the name and contact of your advisor. Once you receive this information, you are expected to confirm by submitting the online Match Agreement.
  7. August 28: Orientation (1-2:00 pm in 10-250). All associate advisors are required to attend associate advisor orientation. This will prepare you for fall registration. Information presented will include updates to the GIRs and guidelines about class selection.