MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Becoming an Associate: Associate Advisor Contract

Please be sure to submit the contract below.

Contract Statement:

As an Associate Advisor, I agree to:

  • Associate Advisor Training: Thursday, May 4 (7:00-8:30pm) in Room 34-101
  • Associate Advisor Orientation: Monday, August 28 (1-2:00pm) in 10-250
  • Registration Meetings and other advising activities: August 28-31. Early Return information will be available in late spring.
  • Training and Development: Must attend 2 additional training sessions during the academic year. Dates will be available over the summer. Spring training and August Orientation do not count toward the requirement.

The UAAP reserves the right to remove an associate advisor who is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities as stated by this contract.

Advisor Information (if known):

it to begin again.