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For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Fall Hidden Grades & Spring Grading

When you meet with your advisees for registration, the advisor will provide them with copies of their hidden grades for the fall term. 

Spring ABC/No Record Grading & Credit Limit

The spring marks an academic turning point for freshman; they will be receiving grades under the ABC/No Record grading system. Moving to grades may cause anxiety for some students, so be pro-active in starting conversations about with your advisees about your experience. Encourage freshmen to think about what study habits that worked for them in the fall and what might need improvement.

The increased freshman credit limit for the Spring Term - 57 units, gives freshmen more room to begin a major or to explore other areas of interest. If some of the fall term classes were a review, then freshmen may experience new material that is often more difficult and time consuming.

Freshmen may also take 48 units and using the rest of their time for a varsity sport, a paid UROP and other extracurricular activities. Spring term offers a second opportunity and challenge to learn how to balance many competing commitments. Refer your advises to the excellent advice for managing time efficiently in the Time Management section of the Center for Academic Excellence website.