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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Orientation Advising Meetings

Freshman advisors and your advisees will have access to the Online Freshman Advising Folder on WebSIS by Monday, August 17. Although you will not have direct access to this information, you may communicate with your advisor to review folder information together in preparation for the registration meetings.

Your advisor will receive an e-mail list of names of freshman advisees around mid-August and will have until August 21 to write an email welcome letter to your advising group. This email will include details about your registration meetings. You should coordinate this process with your advisor to either be included in the welcome email or send a separate one.

Every advisor has an individual working style. It is up to you to communicate how you would like to work together in this process. You are expected to be an active part of these meetings. You should bring your lap top for access to academic information that can facilitate the registration process.

Please see the Fall Registration & Registration Changes page for details on freshman registration.