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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Advisee Registration

IAP and spring term pre-registration is open on WebSIS at 9am on December 1st. The deadline to pre-register for IAP is 5pm on January 13. After pre-registration closes, students will use the add/drop system to initiate registration or add and drop existing IAP subject selections.

Spring Term Pre-Registration

The deadline to initiate spring term pre-registration is 5pm on Thursday, December 29. Once students have submitted their initial pre-registration they may modify their subject selections until pre-registration closes at 5pm on Friday, January 20th. Late fees apply for any student who fails to initiate pre-registration by deadlines posted in the Academic Calendar.

Meeting with Your Advisees to Register for Spring

See registration advice on Class of 2020 site or the Registration section of the Registrar's site for complete spring registration details.