MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Fall Registration & Registration Changes

You are responsible for coordinating all of the registration details with your advisor. This includes communication over the summer to prepare for Freshman Registration on Thursday, September 1. All freshmen must submit the approved online registrations by 5:00 pm that day.

Your advisor will be able to the Online Freshman Advising Folders for each of your advisees by mid-August. Though you will not have access to the folder, your advisor may share the information with you to assist with registration.

Your advisor will likely meet with your advising group for the first time on: Tuesday, August 30 from 3:30-5:00 pm.

Registration Changes

Should your advisees find the need to make any registration changes after registration is submitted, they need to heed the following deadlines.

Follow the instructions on the Registrar's site for information about adding or dropping a class.

Ultimately, for the student experiencing academic difficulties, dropping a class can create more time to spend on other classes and hopefully improve overall academic performance. It is always helpful for advisees to talk with you and their advisor before making any class changes.

Any student who misses either Add or Drop Date and needs to add and/or drop subjects from his/her registration must petition the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP). Petitions are available from the CAP website. Petitioning to add or drop a subject does not guarantee that it will pass, and petitions that are approved are subject to a fee. See the CAP website for complete details.