NIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
For Associate Advisors
The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: Registration Changes and Fall Pre-Registration

At this point in the semester, your advisees may find the need to make registration changes; either in response to fifth-week flags or to drop a class they have not been attending.

Drop requests are submitted via the online Digital Add/Drop form. Please direct your advisees to the Registrar's site for information about dropping a class.

Dropping a class can be very beneficial if it allows for more time on remaining classes. Ultimately, for the student experiencing academic difficulties, dropping a class can create more time to spend on other classes and hopefully improve overall academic performance and GPA. It is always helpful for advisees to talk with you and their advisor before making any class changes. Refer advisees to the advice on the Class of 2017 regarding making the decision to drop or not.

Any student who misses either Add or Drop Date and needs to add and/or drop subjects from his/her registration must petition the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP). Petitions forms are available from the CAP website.

Fall Pre-Registration

On Thursday, May 1, students may begin to pre-register on WebSIS for summer and fall semester subjects. Advisees do not need advisors to sign anything before they pre-register, but they may seek your advice in advance about what subjects they plan to take. Instructions for pre-registering are posted on WebSIS when online pre-registration opens. Deadlines and late fees are published in the Academic Calendar.