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The First Year at MIT

Advising Right Now: IAP/Spring Pre-Registration

Beginning on December 1, your advisees can pre-register on WebSIS for IAP and spring semester subjects. Your advisor and you can guide freshmen through their class selection for next term. Find out if your advisor is planning a check-in meeting with each of your advisees for pre-registration, and If possible, ask to be included in the discussion. Your student perspective and experience are very important in this process.

If your advisor has already met with your advisees, you should follow up with each student about their specific plans. This will give you the opportunity to give some general advice about planning ahead for the spring and address specific issues they should be mindful of going forward.

Before advisees pre-register, they should make sure that they have the necessary prerequisites for their proposed spring subjects. Contrary to what some may say, most departments are enforcing prerequisites to help students build a proper foundation on the course material.

For more information on IAP and spring pre-reg, please see the advice on the Class of 2018 site.