Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Class of 2018
The First Year at MIT

Residence-Based (RBA) Seminars

Non-Residence Based Seminars
(regular FAS)

Advising: Freshman Advising Seminar Descriptions

This section provides you with access to descriptions of the freshman advising seminars that will be offered during the 2014-2015 academic year.

In choosing a FAS, try not to focus too sharply on what you think your major might be. Many MIT students find themselves as seniors following very different paths than they anticipated when they were freshmen. Keep your mind open to other possibilities.

Residence-Based (RBA) Seminar Descriptions

Please read through the descriptions of Residence-Based Advising Seminars. In making your seminar selections, remember that you must apply for seminars, which are associated with your preferred residence. Note that McCormick seminars are only open to women. Next House seminars and Maseeh Hall seminars are co-ed. RBA seminars are organized according to the residence for which they are offered. Note: you will apply for your RBA advising preferences (including ranking your seminar preferences for each ranked RBA house) where instructed within the Housing Lottery website.

Freshman Advising Seminars (Non-RBA)

Please read through the descriptions of the Freshman Advising Seminars (not affiliated with an RBA residence). Seminars are one way to explore some of MIT’s richness right at the beginning of your college career, and are also a chance to try out a topic you might be interested in pursuing later in more depth. These non-RBA seminars are organized according alphabetically by seminar title; A-J seminars and K-Z seminars.