MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
for transfer students
The First Year at MIT

Academics: Declared Major

When you are admitted as a transfer student, you enter the Institute with a declared major. This provides you with the opportunity to be part of an academic department and to be advised by a faculty member upon arrival.

Once you enroll to MIT, we expect you to confirm your intended major with Leslie Bottari in July. She will put you in contact with the Undergraduate Administrator of your academic department prior to your arrival. The Undergraduate Administrator will be your primary contact in your new department who assign you to a faculty advisor to assist you with spring registration.

If you change your major selection at any point prior to arrival or within the first few weeks of classes, you need to inform Ms. Bottari of the UAAP soon as possible to ensure the accuracy of your academic records.

As a transfer student, you may only declare one major upon enrollment to MIT. If you are interested in double majoring, you may declare it after completing one semester at MIT. Although it is possible for transfer students to double major, it can be challenging to complete dual degrees within 3 years. If you need an additional semester(s) to complete a second major, you are not guaranteed financing and would need to visit your financial aid counselor for guidance.