MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
for transfer students
The First Year at MIT

Academics: Managing Your Schedule

As a transfer student you are not restricted to a credit limit at MIT, but will still need to plan your schedule wisely in order to succeed.

You likely transferred to MIT because you are incredibly bright and desired the academic rigor and opportunities that the Institute has to offer. Regardless of what college or university you transferred from, you need to prepare to manage MIT's academic curriculum by planning a balanced schedule.

A typical schedule for your first term might include 3 technical classes and a HASS or CI. By formulating a schedule with 4 or 5 classes initially, you will have increased opportunities to explore opportunities such as UROP and extracurricular activities. A balanced class schedule will also provide you the space that you need to adjust to MIT's academic pace.

We encourage you to read more about time management and balancing your priorities.