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for transfer students
The First Year at MIT

Academics: Placement Exams

This page gives an overview of MIT-administered exams that are used for placement purposes and to award credit.

Freshman Essay Evaluation

The first step towards fulfilling the Communication Requirement is to take MIT's writing placement test, the Freshman Essay Evaluation (FEE), which determines what type of CI-H you must take during your first year. The only students exempt from the FEE are those who scored a 5 on either of the Advanced Placement English Tests, equivalent to a "CI-H/CI-HW Required" on the FEE, and students a score of 7 on either the English A or B Higher Level IB exam. If you earned a score of 5 on either of these AP tests, you must request that the College Board submit your AP scores to MIT.

Some transfer students have taken a first-year writing course at their previous institution. If you would like to request transfer credit for such a course and be exempt from taking the FEE, the Transfer Credit Examiner in MIT's Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies will determine whether such credit will be recommended. If transfer credit is recommended, you will need to petition the Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR) for final approval.

For questions about the FEE, email For more information about applying for transfer credit, contact Writing and Humanistic Studies (617-253-7894) or the Office of the Communication Requirement (617-253-2313 or

Advanced Standing Exams

MIT's Advanced Standing Examinations are one means through which registered freshmen and transfer students can obtain credit for MIT subjects outside of the classroom itself. See the Advanced Standing Examinations page for more information on these exams.

Note: ASEs are not the same as the Advanced Placement exams given by the Educational Testing Service. See the AP and International Examinations pages for information on other ways to obtain MIT credit.