MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
for transfer students
The First Year at MIT

Countdown to Campus: When You Arrive

This page summarizes what you need to do when you arrive at MIT.


When you arrive on campus (excluding weekend), you should check in with Leslie Bottari in the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP) in 7-104.

MIT ID/Meal Card

To get your permanent card you need to have your picture taken as soon as you arrive on campus by visiting the MIT Card Services located in the basement of Stratton Student Center (W20-021). The MIT Card Office and TechCASH Office are open 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Transfer Student Orientation

You are expected to attend your Orientation on January 30 and January 31. Leslie Bottari of the UAAP and your Transfer Mentors will welcome you with breakfast, and will prepare you to get started as an MIT student. Please see the Orientation section of this site for the complete schedule.

Academic Departments

If you have not arranged to meet with your Academic Administrator of your major department prior to your arrival, you should visit him or her when you arrive. The Administrator will provide you with the details for meeting your faculty advisor for spring Registration on February 3, 2014.