MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
for transfer students
The First Year at MIT

Housing: On-Campus Housing

As a transfer student, you are eligible for on-campus housing. The Undergraduate Housing Office will contact you at the beginning of January with a letter explaining the housing selection process. You will have the opportunity to indicate your on-campus housing preferences by means of an electronic Housing Request Form that will include a submission deadline.

There are numerous undergraduate residences on campus. Residence halls offer varying flavors of community and services that you should explore before making your selection. Your Transfer Student Mentors can be an invaluable resource to help you compare and contrast the residence hall.

If you choose to live in undergraduate housing, you will be assigned to an on-campus residence hall for the spring term. Spring housing generally becomes available in late January at the end of IAP. If you prefer to live off-campus, you should explore those options.

For more information, go to or contact or (617) 253-1493.