Foreign Languages & Literatures @ MIT

FL&L Concentration Requirements

1) Students beginning with Level I language subjects must continue through Level IV to complete a concentration.

2) Any other concentration consists of three subjects that form a coherent grouping and must be approved by a concentration advisor before the end of your sophomore year.

The Foreign Languages and Literatures Section at MIT offers five different patterns of concentration for our students. A HASS concentration may include one subject taken outside of MIT. For students who have done a semester abroad, two subjects may be taken outside of MIT for the concentration with the approval of the concentration and transfer advisors.

CONCENTRATION A: Concentration in a Foreign Language
Students must complete language Level I -IV in a single language.
Note: If you have completed a foreign language at Level I elsewhere, you may begin this sequence at the Level II .

CONCENTRATION B: Concentration in a Foreign Language II
Students begin with language level III and take two subjects in addition.

CONCENTRATION C: Foreign Language, Culture and Literature
The minimal language level for this concentration is IV; students must take two subjects in addition to this in language, culture or literature.
Note: One of the subjects above the level of IV may be taken from the sequence of subjects in Studies in International Literatures and Cultures (SILC ) (21F.001-21F.099).

CONCENTRATION D: Foreign Languages and the Theory of Language
Students must complete course work in two languages at the level IV or above, as well as a subject on the theory of language.

CONCENTRATION E: Literature in Translation

Students must complete three subjects in literature in translation which form a coherent unit. This concentration is designed in consultation with the SILC concentration advisor.


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