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Here are some points you should know about the MIT Japanese Language and Culture Program.

The Japanese program at MIT uses technologically advanced methods to help students acquire language skills quickly and effectively.

The students who study Japanese at MIT use the Web on a daily basis to do assignments using the interactive exercises developed at MIT. The Web site is called JP NET ( http://web.mit.edu/jpnet/index.html), for Japanese Network, and it's being accessed by hundreds of people everyday. JP NET is based at MIT. We continue to expand the on-line interactive materials.

The language program is user-friendly.

Many of the Japanese language teachers have helped to train teachers at other institutions. We use an unusual format, team-teaching, which exposes each student to many of the teachers in the program.

Each level has a clear goal.

The elementary and intermediate levels -- the first two years -- teach all four skills (speaking / listening / reading / writing), but the focus is on speaking / listening. We believe that no matter what, students have to be able to communicate with the Japanese effectively and efficiently.

Japanese Placement Test

Students who did not take Japanese at MIT previously must take a placement test. For details, contact Japanese language staff before the semester starts.

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