Name: Catherine Chvany
    Title: Professor Emerita of Russian
    Email: cvchvany@mit.edu

Not teaching; For Russian Studies contact Professor Elizabeth Wood in History and/or Dr. Bette Davis in Humanities office. For foreign study opportunities, contact Andrea Wirth.

Selected Publications

Born in France of Russian parents; first language - Russian; second language - French; present "native" language - English. Graduate of Girls' Latin School, Boston, 1946. M. Lawrence P. Chvany 1948; 3 grown children. Radcliffe College, Harvard University, 1946-48 and 1961-63, BA in Linguistics; Harvard PhD in Slavic Languages & Literatures, 1970. Fellow of Harvard Russian Research Center, 1978 to present. Instructor, Wellesley College, 1966-67; at MIT since 1967, Assistant Professor 1971-74, Associate Professor 1974-83, Full Professor 1983-93, Emerita 1993 to present. Visiting Professor, UFR de Linguistique, Université de Paris 7 (Jussieu), Fall 1991. Presently serve on advisory or editorial boards of Slavic and East European Journal, Russian Language Journal, Journal of Slavic LInguistics, Peirce Seminar Papers, Essays in Poetics (U.K.), Supostavitelno ezikoznanie (Bulgaria).


Phi Beta Kappa 1963; Awards for distinguished scholarship, 1988 at Xth International Congress of Linguists, Sofia (from host country association of Russianists); 1991 at 50th Anniversary meeting of AATSEEL of the US, Inc.

I am always happy to hear from alumni, especially those whose Russian is still enriching and useful in their professions and personal lives; besides 4-5 who went on to doctorates in Slavic, with whom I am in regular contact, I have heard from an astronaut, a seismologist, several engineers and software specialists who use their Russian and enjoy recently increased contacts with colleagues in the former USSR and elsewhere in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.



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