Name: Edmée Ballif
    Title: Visiting Fellow (French)
    Email: eballif@mit.edu

Edmée Balif is a PhD candidate in social sciences at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). She is interested in how institutions shape collectivities by making sense of life events. Her current research focuses on the politics of pregnancy in contemporary Switzerland and consists of an ethnographic investigation of a state-sponsored pregnancy counseling unit in French-speaking Switzerland. This research aims to understand how pregnancy is defined as a critical event both for women and for society. Simultaneously, Edmée conducts a research on the Swiss catholic pilgrimage to Lourdes (France). Having received a MA in the sociology of religions, she explores the ways events such as a pilgrimage shape communities and subjective belonging. At the University of Lausanne, Edmée has taught Qualitative methodology for social sciences (2010-2013).

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