Jing Wang

    Name: Jing Wang
    Title: Professor of Chinese Media and Cultural Studies
    S.C. Fang Professor of Chinese Languages & Culture
    FL&L, Comparative Media Studies
    Email: jing@mit.edu
    Office: 14N-311
    Website: http://www.mitnewmedia.org/

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Jing Wang

Professor Jing Wang received her Ph. D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is jointly appointed to FL&L and Comparative Media Studies at MIT. Wang is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NGO2.0 Project. The project was jointly launched by Wang’s MIT New Media Action Lab and the University of Science and Technology of China, and together with five other China partners, it is building cross-sector collaborations with Chinese foundations, universities, grassroots NGOs, the media sector, the Corporate Social Responsibility sector, the government, and software developers’ communities in China.   Wang also serves as the Chair of the Advisory Board of Creative Commons China while sitting on the Advisory Board of Wikimedia Foundation. 

Professor Wang sits on the editorial/advisory boards of twelve US and international journals, published several books and articles, among them, the award-winning The Story of Stone, High Culture Fever, and the editor of Locating China: Space, Place, and Popular Culture (available in Paperback from Routledge), Popular Culture and the Chinese State, China’s Avant-Garde Fiction, Cinema and Desire (with Tani Barlow).  Her current research interests include advertising and marketing, civic media and communication, social media action research, pop culture, and nonprofit technology, with an area focus on the People’s Republic of China.  Her book Brand New China: Advertising, Media, and Commercial Culture is available from Harvard University Press and three other international presses.

Brand New China
Brand New China
(English Edition)
Brand New China Arabic Edition
Brand New China
(Arabic Edition)
Brand New China Japanese Edition
Brand New China
(Japanese Edition)
Brand New China Chinese Edition
Brand New China
(Chinese Edition)












The Story of Stone High Culture Fever China's Avant-Garde Fiction Cinema and Desire Chinese Culture and the State Locating China



NGO 2.0

  • “Triggering a Snowball Effect” China Daily (2012)
  • “NGO2.0 Helps Grassroots NGOs Sail out to Sea” China Development Brief (2012)
  • Jing Wang talks about NGO2.0 project (October, 2011)
  • Come and watch an NGO 2.0 workshop video (Guangxi Province, July 2011)
  • “NGO2.0: When Social Action Meets Social Media” a talk given at Comparative Media Studies, MIT (2010)
  • “公益2.0 与商用2.0” keynote speech given at Sun Yat-sen University (2010)
  • NGO2.0: Social Innovation for a Better Future (November 6, 2010)
  • Web 2.0 思维与NGO2.0案例 (Web 2.0 Strategic Thinking and NGO2.0 Case Studies)
  • NGO 2.0: An Experiment with Web 2.0 and CSR

  • Visualizing Cultures Controversy

  • Jing Wang - Reframing the Controversy: Let’s Talk about the Digital Medium (2013)
  • Jing Wang on the MIT Controversy over "Visualizing Cultures" (May 2, 2006)
  • Jing Wang on the MIT Controversy over "Visualizing Cultures" (May 5, 2006)
  • Jing Wang on the MIT Controversy over "Visualizing Cultures" (May 17, 2006)

  • Other

  • “Prosumers as Trendsetters: Change Agents on the Social Web,” keynote speech given at the University of Heidelberg, Germany (2011)

  • Jing Wang on the Proposal for the "Asian Commons"

    Creative Commons in China: The Launch Event (March, 2006)

    “Knowledge Commons: Expectations and Blocking Stones” - A talk given at Creative Commons Launch in Beijing, PRC


    Please join me to celebrate Candy Wei's art and life at http://www.candywei.org.

    Candy R. Wei: Reincarnation, Death, Art, and Schizophrenia

    Recent publications on advertising, branding, and marketing in China:

    New Media Technology and New Business Models: Speculations on 'Post-Advertising' Paradigms
    CC China Mainland and the Global Infrastructre for Creative Commons
    Bourgeois Bohemians in China?  Neo-Tribes and the Urban Imaginary
    Youth Culture, Music, and Cell Phone Branding in China

    Recent articles on policy studies of China:

    Locating China
    Introduction: the politics and production of scales in China

    On Creative Industries:

    The Global Reach of a New Discourse: How Far Can 'Creative Industries' Travel?



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