Name: Stefanie Goyette
    Title: Temporary Lecturer in French
    Email: sgoyette@mit.edu
    Phone: 617-253-9777
    Office: 16-675

Stefanie Goyette (PhD, Harvard University) teaches French language at MIT. She is currently revising her dissertation, "Indiscriminate Bodies: The Old French Fabliaux in Relation to Thirteenth-Century Medical and Religious Cultures," as a book project. Centering on analysis of a corpus of texts typically called the "fabliaux," a group of some 120-150 short, often comic texts in octosyllabic verse, the book will focus primarily on representations of food, language, and the body, as seen through the activities and sustenance of the living body, on the one hand, and on decay, contamination, and the dead body, on the other. Her second, ongoing project considers representations of women and food in relation to community formation in medieval romances, particularly the Romance of Tristan in Prose, the Lancelot in Prose, and the Arthurian romances of Chrétien de Troyes. She is especially interested in how poststructuralist theory can inform analyses of medieval representations of the individual body and the community body, with the goal of producing analyses that insist on the consideration of present-day representations and practices.

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