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“Au-delà du regard: rencontres multiethniques” is a Web-based module that contains original video interviews, live music and video footage of sites gathered in and around Paris during the summers of 1999, 2000 and 2001. The core material draws from interviews with more than thirty young people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Interviewees were asked to answer the following questions: - What do you feel when you walk in your neighborhood? - Do you have friends of different origins and do you do similar things with these friends? Where do you go out and what do you do? - What are the relationships like between the young men and women you know? - What is the importance of religion for you and your family? What values are important to you and your family? - Do you feel French?
Interviews with experts such as Alain Touraine, Michel Wieviorka, Albert Memmi, Dominique Schnapper, Danièle Lochak, Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, and Patrick Weil provide a larger context that allows for a better understanding of the opinions and views expressed in the project. The video material contains twenty hours of interviews as well as more than two hours of live multicultural music recorded from a public concert, spontaneous improvisations by hip-hop singers in front of the videocamera and more than one hour of footage of multiethnic districts in and around Paris.


Au-delà du regard:
rencontres multiethniques

Web-based module

Johann Sadock ,
Principal Investigator
View the module here!
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