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Programs and Projects

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We are engaged in building an information service, which we call JP NET (for Japanese-Network), that is slated to begin service in the spring of 1995. JP NET will be the first service over the Internet to attempt to provide an online infrastructure for an entire field, that of Japanese Language and Culture education. JP NET is based in part on the work already done at MIT using the local Athena network. It will be housed in the Japanese Language and Culture Program in Foreign Languages and Literatures.

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We hope to establish collaborative relationships with colleagues at other institutions to develop these components of JP NET. The important point to stress is that JP NET is for the entire field, and not just for MIT. The more material that we can put on JP NET, the more useful it will be for the field at large.

We will have textbook-independent materials for teaching Japanese including:

  • vocabulary information
  • kanji drills
  • grammar notes
  • reading materials
  • listening activities
  • ideas for communicative activities

JPNet Japanese FLL

Japanese online curriculum materials

Yoshimi Nagaya
Project Director
Shigeru Miyagawa,
Anne LaVin,
Consultant and Former Director

Canon Information Systems, Canon Business Machines, the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning

Direct all inquiries to

All JP NET participation will be free (or, where cost for duplication, etc., is involved, only the cost of such service will be charged). Technical development for JP NET will include standardization of software for easy input/output of alphabetic/non-alphabetic character combinations, and browsers to search through large databases that store information in both alphabetic and native Japanese orthography.

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