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The "Latina Interview Project" is a collection of video interviews with Latina students which documents the history and experience of Latina women at MIT as well as their own reflections on those experiences. It provides a way for Latinas to share their stories, memories, challenges and successes, while at the same time giving voice to thoughts and issues that might not be expressed otherwise. This project will support MIT Latina's efforts in community-making both by addressing barriers, assumptions and misconceptions, as well as by providing an opportunity for Latinas to learn from each other. For Latina women in the wider Latina community of Boston, particularly those in high school, this interview series could be a source of inspiration, and a chance for MIT Latinas to be valuable role models in their community.
For more information contact Margarita Ribas Groeger.


Latina Interview Project

Margarita Ribas Groeger ,

Principal Investigator

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