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The goals of this project are:

Students learn to work simultaneously with various source materials, looking for patterns, finding connections, attempting their own interpretations based on their findings.

Students develop facility for critical thinking and practice developing consistent arguments from more than one perspective.

Students develop their comprehension skills in listening and reading by working with the language as it is used in conversations among Germans and in authentic materials created for a German audience.

Students can actively incorporate new linguistic material as they formulate their own interpretations in class discussion and oral presentations based on the materials.
Students engage in further research of topics they have defined while working with the materials.

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Underlying the design of this program is the pedagogical question of how to go beyond simply furnishing students with one-dimensional single text "culture capsules" of information, such as "what does this area look like?" "what do people here do for a living?" Books on the market provide students with a variety of texts on a single topic, presenting them with more than one perspective and encouraging them to look beyond a single answer to a question. This program provides students with a selection of texts from various different media sources, such as video texts, audio texts, photographs and other illustrative materials, as well as printed texts from newspapers, magazines and literature.

The daily life and current issues of people living in the Niederlausitz, an area southeast of Dresden, Germany.

German FLL

In der Niederlausitz

Ellen Crocker,
Project Director
Kurt Fendt,
Co-author in Conceptual and Fundamental Design
Catherine White,
Software Architect and Apple Media Tool Programmer
Matthew Mattingly,
Art and Design
Ruth Trometer,
LLARC Director

The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, New Haven, CT
Director: Peter Patrikis

Special thanks
Deutsche Welle for permission to use video material.
Bayern 3, Letztes Jahr in Deutschland, 1991. 100-minute program broadcast on November 7, 1991.

Direct all inquires to
Ellen Crocker

Restricted availability: for on-campus use only due to copyright restrictions.

This program is designed for 3rd and 4th semester language students with intermediate proficiency in German language; it has been used in fourth semester courses for German as a foreign language as a two-week long cultural unit in conjunction with additional current German newspaper articles accessable on the World Wide Web; students study material on CD-ROM outside of class in the Language Learning and Resource Center and bring their findings for class discussion.

Power Macintosh with CD-ROM drive.

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Developing Interactive Functions for Student Use with Multimedia Systems: A Report on a Campus-based Project. Consortium News, The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, New Haven, Spring 1994, pp. 18-19.

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