Douglas Morgenstern


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Other Articles:

  • “OCW as Knight Errant: OpenCourseWare launches Spanish and Portugues Translations of MIT faculty content,” co-authored with M. Ribas Groeger, The MIT Faculty Newsletter, December/January 2004, p. 26-27 and https://web.mit.edu/fnl/vol/163/morgenstern.html

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  • No recuerdo (CD-ROM for intermediate college Spanish), co-Principal Investigator, with Janet H. Murray, pedagogical designer, video producer and principal author; sponsored by Annenberg/Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning; developed under the Athena Language Learning Project (1984-92), with the Laboratory for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (1992-96), and with the Center for Educational Computing Initiatives (1997-98)

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