Ian Condry





Chapters in Books:

  • Ian Condry. "The Worlds of Japanese Hip-Hop: Street Dance, Club Scene, Pop Market," Global Noise: Rap Outside the U.S. T. Mitchell, ed. Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press/University Press of New England, 2001.

  • Ian Condry. "Japanese Hip-Hop and the Globalization of Popular Culture," Urban Life, 4th ed. G. Gmelch; W. Zenner, eds. Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press, 2001.

  • Ian Condry. "The Social Production of Difference: Imitation and Authenticity in Japanese Rap Music," Transactions, Transgressions, Transformations: American Culture in Western Europe and Japan.U. Poiger, H. Fehrenbach, eds. New York: Berghan Books, 200


  • Review of Blue Nippon:  Authenticating Jazz in Japan by E. Taylor Atkins in Current Musicology nos. 71-73, Spring 2001-Spring 2002, pp. 534-545. 

  • Review of The Worlds of Japanese Popular Culture by D. P. Martinez, in American Ethnologist, vol. 30 (2), pp. 322, 2003.


  • "Wartime Censorship of Musical Societies and the Establishment of the Japan Musical Culture Association," in Out of Japan:  Rereading Colonialism Past and Present, ed. J. Robertson, Berkeley:  University of California Press (forthcoming, Spring 2006).

Works in Progress:

  • Japanese Hip-Hop: Race, Language and Power in Global Popular Culture, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, under contract.
  • "Napster's Children and the Future of Digital Media," journal article to be submitted to the International Journal of Cultural Studies, 25 pages.
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