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Articles in Referred Journals:

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Other Articles:

  • “Educating the Global Student,” Chronicle of Higher Education, July 22, 2000.

  • “Notes from a Department in Progress,” in Consortium News, Fall 1995.

Book Reviews:

  • Colette, by Gonthier and Francis. In  NY Times Book Review; February 2000

  • Found in Translation. In New York Times Book Review; Dec. 1998

  • Albert Camus, by Olivier Todd. In New York Times Book Review; Dec. 1997

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  • The Love Affair As Work of Art, by Dan Hofstadter.  In Washington Post Book Review; April 1996.

  • Einstein’s Wife:  Work and Marriage in the Lives of Five Great Twentieth Century Women, by Andrea Gabor.  In The Women's Review of Books, December 1995.

  • Dared and done:  The Marriage of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, by Julia Markus. In Washington Post Book Review, February 1995.

  • Saint-Exupery, by Stacy Schiff.  In New York Times, January 1995.

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  • Revaluing French Feminism: Critical Essays on Difference, Agency, and Culture, edited by Nancy Fraser and Sandra Lee Bartky.  In Harvard’s  French Politics and Society, Summer 1992

  • La fièvre hexagonale, by Michael Winock.  In French Review, June 1988.

  • Simone Weil, by John Dunaway.  In French Review, March 1986.

  • Hélène Cixous: Writing the Feminine, by Verena Andermatt Conley.  In French Review, Fall 1985.

  • "Women, Prisons and Literature: Review of The Imagination in Confinement."  In The Women's Review of Books, February 1984.

  • Les Femmes et leurs maîtres, by M.A. Macchiochi; Il était de femmes dans la Resistance, by A. Francos.  In French Review, March 1981.
  • Solzhenitsin's Children are Making a Lot of Noise in Paris, by M. Rubbo.  In French Review, February 1981.

  • Le Pouvoir intellectuel en France, by Regis Debray.  In French Review, Winter 1980.

Work in Progress:

  • Paris Returns (Book in progress about bilingualism)
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