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21F.029J: Exploring Identity through Asian American Literature

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Explores a range of topics related to Asian American identity and cultural politics through discussion of literature (fiction and nonfiction). Topics include immigration, assimilation, cultural or biracial identity, affirmative action, Asian Americans in the workplace, and interracial dating and marriage. Examines cultural debates surrounding various identity labels, including "Banana," "AZN," and "FOB." Taught in English.

Topic for Spring 2010: Eurasian Biracial Memoirs: 1900-2000.

This subject will examine Eurasian biracial memoirs written between 1900 and 2000, by authors of Anglo-Indian, Anglo-Chinese, Ceylon-Dutch, Vietnamese-American, Korean-Italian, and other mixed race ancestry. Some of the issues to be discussed are biracial identity (in comparative historical and global perspectives), narrative strategies, genre, race, gender, and class, postcolonialism and transnationalism. We will relate these issues to questions of memory, family, identity, community, migration, and concepts of the self.
Taught in English.
No background required.
Authors include Michael Ondaatje, Peter Moss, Kien Nguyen, Sui Sin Far and Irene Cheng.

Units: 3-0-9(U)

HASS-D Cat 4

Same As  21L.029J


Spring 2012

Section No. Instructor Days Time Room
1 E. Teng TR 1-2:30 56-162


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